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Letter from a student

Letter from a student



Letter from Daniel Sezanoff June 2012 


Greetings from sunny Arizona! Congratulations to all my friends and their families on becoming the class of 2012! MAZAL TOV!

My family and I have been part of the LYA community for 8 years. I have been coming to LYA since I was 4 ½. Although I am sad I could not be present here today, I am excited at the opportunity to share my thoughts about all the wonderful time I’ve spent at LYA. And yes, it has not just been wonderful; it’s been FANTASTIC, STIMULATING, CHALLENGING, EMPOWERING, MOTIVATING AND FUN. Now that I’ve actually had a chance to experience a different school, I can assure you I owe LYA a lot of my academic successes. Because of the education here, I was able to smoothly adjust to the curriculum at my new school often exceeding in many subjects. This is not to impress you but to impress upon you how strong LYA’s program is.

LYA teachers taught me many important skills including how to study for the finals. At my new school this was the first yearmy new classmates had finals and I felt confident by utilizing all the leadership and studying skills I’ve acquired at LYA.

Morah Kosofsky, Rabbi Wolff, Rabbi Cohen and Dr. Kupperman! Your lessons on how to “be proactive” were loud and clear in my head. And I thank you for that.

 The “Leader in Me” is another program that sets LYA apart. It really taught me how to always try to think and act as a leader and a mentch. I will do my best to apply all the skills as I move on and enter a new chapter in my life: high school.

There are a lot of aspects that make LYA unique, but there is one that truly stands out: I am yet to meet a principal who would dress up as Super Chicken! Here at LYA we know how to have fun!

But also I am yet to meet a principal who would  drive his student to school  to assure  the student (I am talking about myself here)  would daven shaharit while my father was in Phoenix. Thank you Rabbi Kosofsky for your dedication and leadership and all the lessons of AHAVAT ISRAEL.

I want to thank every single teacher and staff, past and present, who have taken a part in educating, motivating and inspiring me.  Thank you to Matthew, Ben, Gavriel, Eitan and all the ladies in my class for being great friends and classmates. I miss you guys. And thank you for a chance to share my thoughts with you. LYA will always hold a very special place in my heart and in the hearts of my entire family. We really miss you all and that unique warm family like atmosphere that could only be found at LYA.

On behalf of my entire family we wish you all much success and happiness now and in the future. May Hashem continue to bless entire Klal Israel with love, health, abundance and nachas!