11.jpgEveryone knows Fall is for apples. Students at LYA preschool not only learned about apples this fall, but used them in a variety of fun activities. They tasted different apples, made apple crafts, participated in apple math and even measured their height using apples.

As a culmination of their apple unit the children visited Easy Pickin' Farm in Enfield, CT. At the farm, they picked their own apples, went on a bouncy hay ride, and also picked pumpkins. The children saw the different kinds of apple trees and some of the other produce that grows on the farm.

15.jpgApple picking was a great way to round out the apple unit and provide experiential learning for the children. Eating apples you picked yourself is very different than when you buy them in the store. Some children could not wait to eat their crunchy apples and began enjoying them right at the farm.