1.jpgEvery Friday is a challah day for LYA's youngest students. The children eagerly await this fun time in class that is followed by Shabbat Party.

First they add all the ingredients one at a time with the assistance of Morah Faigie. It is always fun to watch the yeast activate. Then the children mix the dough. After mixing comes the kneading of the dough.



17.jpgNext to eating the challah, the best part of making challah is shaping it. The children love this part the best. It is then off to the ovens. The hallways of LYA always smell delicious on Friday with the scent of fresh baked challah.

What a special treat for each preschool family to have their own fresh baked challah lovingly made for each Friday night. We hope the challahs make it home before the children begin nibbling their delicious Shabbat treat.