Our tiniest treasures have been very busy the last two weeks in preparation for Thanksgiving with their teacher Stephanie Kirk. They did not just learn about Thanksgiving, but participated in activities that connected Thanksgiving to all aspects of their curriculum.

d6d59541-2a44-48e5-80ea-fb3043276898.jpgChildren used Thanksgiving themed alphabet cards with turkeys, pilgrims, and Native Americans on them. They increased their literacy skills by matching up the lowercase and uppercase letters. For mathematics they had fun with Thanksgiving pattern mats with shapes. The patterns included: the Mayflower, Native Americans and Pilgrims.

In art children designed paper plate thankful turkeys. Each child thought of 6 things that they were thankful for and those ideas were written on the feathers. Some of the things they were thankful for were: going to school, their parents, siblings, snow, picnics in the summer, milk, food, and clothes.

The preschoolers used creative thinking skills to complete activities such as: What's cooking in the oven? Can you finish the Pilgrim and the turkey?

We are thankful to have such dedicated students and staff who create engaging lessons.