Tales of Tiny Treasures

3.jpgAnyone who's been to pre-school knows that the wheels on the bus go 'round and 'round. But what about the wheels on cars, trains, and bicycles? Do they go up and down? Back and forth?

LYA's preschool knows exactly what they do. They just completed a unit on transportation. They learned about trains, cars, buses, and even hot-air balloons.

Teacher Ms. Stephanie Kirk integrated transportation with their other subjects. The math unit had the students build transportation puzzles by matching numbers on the pieces. The students drew and wrote stories of far away places they visited by airplane. Some students flew to Italy, while others flew to the toy store.

4.jpgOne of the more exciting activities was the trip to outer space. After building rockets out of unifex cubes, they blasted off on a journey to the sun. When they returned safely to terra firma, they designed their own sun using paint and saran wrap.

Oh, the places you can go if you are lucky enough to be in Stephanie Kirk’s class.