Introducing our newest member - Kibo

19.jpgForward, backward, shake and spin.  These are not dance moves, but directions that can be programmed into Kibo, a robot who is the newest member of the Early Childhood Program thanks to the generosity of Diane Troderman.

This week the children had the opportunity to meet and play with Kibo.  The preschool 4-year-olds and kindergarten first practiced moving in the same directions that Kibo can move.  After mastering the directions, they watched Kibo repeat the same patterns that they had just successfully moved.

The children will spend a few weeks familiarizing themselves with the directions that make Kibo move, as well as learning the different fun things that they can make Kibo do.  They will also be taught how to use the scanner component that allows them to program Kibo.  Based on their first meeting, the children are going to have loads of fun with Kibo.