On Our Way

Sunday, 10 February, 2019 - 9:06 pm

 As we write this entry we are now on the plane and on our way. Amazing wonders we have wifi so you are reading about our trip in real time. We began our trip at the Ohel. We wrote a letter that was read at the Ohel. The letter included good wishes for our trip. Before we left each student took upon themselves an extra mitzvah to be completed in Israel with the hope of continuing after we return. These mitzvot were included in our letter.

 After the Ohel, we walked over to Rabbi Dovid Edelman’s obm grave. Before reciting chapter 121 of tehilim, Rabbi Kosofsky spoke to the students about how Rabbi Edelman loved each one of them and how much he enjoyed talking with them about what they learned. Morah Kosofsky reflected upon how Rabbi Edelman was so proud to hear about the trips when the students returned. She mentioned how this trip was the school’s 11th trip and with the exception of 1 trip there has always been an Edelman grandchild attending either as a student or a chaperone.

 We had an easy check in at the airport. While awaiting boarding we met Rishi’s uncle, Rabbi Zalman Gopin from Kfar Chabad. Of course many people commented on our well behaved group and how special it is to see a school group going to Israel. On the plane we met a family that knows the Philips from Worcester. Small world.

IMG-20190210-WA0057 (1).jpeg 

 We sang happy birthday to Mushka and the flight attendant brought her a sorbet as a birthday treat. Students were a little disappointed that Morah K said no caffeine drinks. We are planning on sleeping at some point on the trip.

Next stop… Tel Aviv airport. We will speak to you soon.

Comments on: On Our Way

Chaya Lemkin wrote...

Hooray for the Israel Experience 2019 and hooray for Morah K, Rabbi Kosofsky, and Malky. We are so excited to watch this trip unfold. Safe flight!!!

Love, the Lemkin family

Mrs Zolotor wrote...

Safe travels! Can’t wait to see all of your adventures!

Shainy Peysin wrote...

So excited to read about this trip!! My Israel trip was one of the best experiences of my life! I remember the plane trip feeling surreal. Can't wait to hear what comes next!

Rabbi Woolff wrote...

Have a great time! Enjoy every moment of this wonderful trip. Thank you RL and Rabbi Chaim and Malky for taking the students on a trip of a lifetime.

Tamar Helfen wrote...

May you go in peace and return in peace! And enjoy the many blessings of the Holy Land!!
-The Helfens

Bracha Rubashkin wrote...

Happy birthday Mushka! Have a safe flight and enjoy the trip of a lifetime!

Yocheved R Adelman wrote...

Such amazing pictures! Great to see you all! Hi Zev!!