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Kfar Kedem

Wednesday, 20 February, 2019 - 3:48 pm

We began our visit to Kfar Kedem meeting Amir who introduced us to the activities we would do there. First he asked us some questions:

How old are girls when they become bat mitzvah? 12
How old are boys when they become bar mitzvah? 13
What color is tefilin? Black

Then Amir asked us where these universal Jewish answers are in the Torah? Well, we knew that while they are not in the written Torah they are explained in the Mishna and gemara. That is the purpose of Kfar Kedem, to bring this time period to life and show that the information there is just as relevant today as it was when it was written.

We dressed up in period costumes and made our way to a field where we learned about how farmers bridged the agriculture laws and the work of the land. We saw how they planted, sowed, cut and threshed. Most important was how the farmers prayed. There was no siddur and they davened from the heart, because bottom line without rain nothing would grow.

We then crushed what seeds to make flour. We also made our own flat bread on a fire pit and ate it fresh with zaatar. Then it was off to the donkeys. Amir taught us how to go on the donkey and lead it around. To make the donkey go you say “chi, chi” and then click with your tongue. To make them stop you say “aish, aish”. Amir explained that we are in charge and not the donkey. The Hebrew word for donkey is ‘chamor” which also can be re-arranged to make the word “chomer”, which means material. This is a life lesson that we always need to be leading our material and not let the material lead us.

We broke into partners and had loads of fun riding. Some people were more successful than others, but we all had a great time. We then ate supper tana style on low seats with a collective plate of pita, salad, rice, chicken and meat kabobs. The food was delicious. Guess what we all have special donkey license!

We said good bye to Yoni, who is taking a course the last 2 days of our trip. We really enjoyed seeing Israel with Yoni.

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