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Wednesday, 20 February, 2019 - 3:51 pm

After lunch in downtown Kaztrin, we went to visit ancient Katzrin from the Talmudic time period. Our 1st stop was at a home that showed us how people lived. Upon entering and kissing the mezuza, we saw the small kitchen, where we could visualize how cooking over an open fire occurred. We then entered the main living quarters which had benches and a small table. As sat down we saw a ladder that led up to a loft bedroom.

One would climb up the ladder to get to the next floor. Alex told us that the loft room was for the parents. When one wanted to perform the mitzvah of having guests in the highest level, one would give the guests their loft room. At the same time, you did not know if you could trust the people. In one story Rabbi Chanina ben Dosa moved the ladder from the room. In the middle of the night they heard their guest fall out of the loft after trying to steal their things. He did realize the ladder was gone.

We then davened mincha in a beautiful ancient synagogue. It was very meaningful to daven in a shul that was established after the Beis Hamikdash was destroyed. Zev led us in a beautiful tefilah.

In Katzrin we saw wild goats and peacock. We also saw a olive and pomegranate trees.

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