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Wednesday, 20 February, 2019 - 4:43 pm

Our next stop of the day was Gamla. We first took a short hike and saw some more beautiful views as well as a griffin vulture flying above us. Israel has a nesting program for these birds. The griffin vulture only lays egg ounce every other year. Sometimes trains and planes creates tremors and cause the eggs to fall out of their nests. Israel’s nesting program assists Israel’s largest bird of prey reproduce.

As we continued our hike, we came to a beautiful edge that overlooked the city of Gamla. Gamla got its name from a gamal, camel. The mountain top literally looks like the hump of a camel. This city was a busy place during the 2nd temple era. As Vespasian, the Roman general entered Israel, he set his army on attacking the north as he made his way down to Yerushalayim.

Unfortunately Gamla fell in a very tragic manner similar to Masada. Over 4,000 Jews died there, many of them taking their own lives rather than fall into the hands of the Romans. Only 2 women survived from the entire city.  We could see the ancient shul of Gamla and how it was set up similar to the shul in Katzrin. We also saw the Roman encampment that attacked the city.

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I hope someone took pictures of the griffin vulture!