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Tunisian Shul

Sunday, 24 February, 2019 - 11:30 am


Our next stop was to the Tunisian Shul in Acco. This shul was started by Sephardic Jews of this North African Country in 1955. Upon entering the shul it is not clear where to look first. The entire, and we mean entire shul is full of mosaic pictures. There are scenes from every story in the Tanach. There are mosaics for the 12 tribes and famous sites in Israel. In addition modern history is represented.


 It is amazing to look at the detail. The women’s section has stories of Sara, Rivka, Rochel and Leah as well as the blessings of mitzvoth associated with women. The aron holds many Torah scrolls and behind the scrolls are even more mosaic tile pictures. We took many photos and were continuously in awe at every turn. Some of us decided that focusing on davening would be challenging while in the shul.  

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