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Cave of Eliyahu Hanavi

Sunday, 24 February, 2019 - 12:15 pm

Our last stop was the cave where Eliyahu Hanavi hid from Achav in the book of Kings. We studied this last year in Navi. It was very special to end our trip davening mincha at such a holy site. Thank you Eyal for a beautiful davening. We began our trip with mincha at Shiloh and ended with mincha here. Our trip has come full circle.


Eliyahu had to go into hiding since the king was upset at him for taking away the rain from the people. Israel was now in a drought. While in the cave Hashem sent ravens to feed Eliyahu. Not far from the cave is Mt. Carmel where Eliyahu had a show down with the idol worshipping prophets of the Ba’al.


The cave is now a popular stop in Israel. It has been turned into a min shul. When we got there a man all dressed in white was blowing a shofar. We know he was anticipating the redemption and was awaiting Eliyahu to come and tell us that Moshiach had arrived.

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