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Middle School Level 1

Monday, 18 May, 2020 - 6:56 pm


Middle School Level One Mission

You receive a ticket for every item you master
You receive 3 extra tickets when you complete you class mission  
Page numbers indicate where to locate information in study guide  

砖讘注 诪爪讜讜转 讘谞讬 谞讞p. 8 Hebrew and English

p. 9 10 Commandments in order in Hebrew

3 Mishnayot of first chapter of Pirkei Avot

 p. 7 All Parshiyot of Torah

 p. 8 Ten judges 

注诇 讛诪讞讬讛p. 2 Al hamichya

住驻专讬 转谞"讱p. 7 

p. 11 7 Chabad Rebbes and their full names

p. 11 Names of Rebbetzins

p. 10 Books of Rambam

p. 4 Holidays and their dates in order

砖砖 讝讻讬专讜转 p. 9

讗砖专 讬爪专 p. 3

p. 10 Ten Sefiros

p. 13 Ten of the 39 malachot

6 讘专讻讜转 砖讘讞 讜讛讜讚注讛 p. 12

p. 15 7 Prophetesses


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Tamar Helfen wrote...

Menachi Helfen knows the ten Sefiros and ten of the 39 Malachos