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Middle School Level 2

Monday, 18 May, 2020 - 6:59 pm


Middle School Level Two Mission

You receive a ticket for every item you master
You receive 3 extra tickets when you complete you class mission  
Page numbers indicate where to locate information in study guide  

砖讘注 诪爪讜讜转 讘谞讬 谞讞p. 8 Hebrew and English

p. 8 10 Commandments in order in Hebrew

7 Mishnayot of first chapter of Pirkei Avot

 p. 7 All parshiyot of Torah

p. 8 All judges

注诇 讛诪讞讬讛p. 2 Al hamichya

住驻专讬 转谞"讱p. 7 

p. 11 7 Chabad Rebbes and their full names

p. 11 Names of Rebbetzins and connections to the Rebbes

p. 10 Books of Rambam and their meanings

p. 10 Four Levels of Creation

p. 10 Ten Sefiros

p. 13 Fifteen of the 39 malachot

砖砖 讝讻讬专讜转p. 9 

9 讘专讻讜转 砖讘讞 讜讛讜讚注讛 p. 12

转驻讬诇转 讛讚专讱p. 12 

转专讬 注砖专    p. 15

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