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Why is LYA asking you for a Legacy gift?

Your legacy gift to the LYA endowment will support:

  1. A strong secular and Judaic education provided in a warm and nurturing environment
  2. Continuity of Jewish values in the home and the community
  3. Community connections through family outreach, adult education, supplementary education for public school children and teenagers.
  4. Strengthening Jewish identity through community celebration of holidays and Jewish life-cycle events.
  5. A strong vibrant future for the greater Jewish community of Western Massachusetts.

LYA is a toddler through eighth grade Jewish day school located in Longmeadow , MA. The school also provides supplemental Jewish education to children who attend public school and public high school. LYA has been in the Greater Springfield Jewish community since 1945. In addition to educating school children, LYA provides many life-cycle programs and activities, holiday dinners, adult education courses, classes and boasts a constituency who remain connected and touched by the LYA staff long after they have completed their formal education. The mission is to provide all Jewish children with the highest caliber Jewish and secular education with a Torah inspired humanitarian focus that dovetails with the greater community. For 78 years, LYA has demonstrated a distinguished record of achievement in providing a Judaic and secular education of the highest quality. LYA graduates have the academic and personal depth that makes them highly competitive both at the high school and college level, which serves them exceptionally well as they enter professional life or communal service. They are grounded in their Jewish identity while their personal and professional lives reflect a healthy balance which serves them well as they become active leaders in the community. Not only are they more likely to be leaders in the career world, they also are much more likely to cherish their Jewish heritage and provide leadership to the community.

However, LYA does more than cultivate young Jewish students with love of learning, curiosity to explore, and effective, engaging scholarly skills. LYA students are taught that their role in life is to be in constant pursuit of higher goals and not to be satisfied with past successes. In addition, LYA students are taught about their moral obligation to others including the members of the greater community. Imbuing our students with a strong sense of our Jewish heritage, historical, cultural, and spiritual roots, they leave LYA intellectually and emotionally prepared to provide community leadership that is so vital for the future of our Jewish community. An LYA education is one of the most profound avenues through which these capabilities can be nurtured and developed. 

LYA enriches the larger society as it graduates students with scholarly skills honed through the rigor and discipline inherent in the LYA educational philosophy. The serious nature of the education is complemented with the warmth and nurturing Chabad educational style that brings meaning and inspiration to the students. LYA produces students who are strong in both their Judaic and their secular knowledge and who are skilled thinkers with a broader world vision in which to apply the critical analytical and decision-making skills so desperately needed today.

Legacy giving is essential for our future. The benefits of legacy giving clearly outweigh the costs and tip the scales towards creating an enduring foundation for our Jewish future. As the sages point out when they compare the two words “Banim” (children) and “Bonim” (architects or to build), our children are our architects and building blocks to our Jewish future. 

For more information please contact Rabbi Chaim Kosofsky

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